the energy of simplicity

the energy of simplicity

The cuisine’s idea lies in simplicity

Dyletanci focuses on the product. We want to interpret, not change.

We think of food as a multi-layered experience. We want this experience to be stimulating through its quality, taste, and balance. To us the product and its needs mean the top quality ingredients, our crops, and farms, as well as understanding the place where we live.

Dyletanci means one of the most extensive wine lists in Poland

Over 1,100 items, mostly from biodynamic wineries. The producers who stand behind these wines are people who respect the land and its products and in wine seek purity, energy, and emotions.

Just like us.

Our awards

We are both a part of Powiśle neighborhood and Warsaw – one of the largest European capitals.

The restaurant is located in Warsaw's Powiśle neighborhood, between the Vistula River and its slope. Its building fits two areas in the adjacent park. In each element, we are looking for limits of tension between structure and spontaneity.

Dyletanci means space for ideas.

In addition to the cuisine and wine, we focus on decor elements consistent with our thinking about the place - Zalto light glasses, hand-made ceramics, and works by Polish graphic designers.

Our commitment and attachment to details build the soul of the place where we want our guests to feel comfortable, to feel good.

We, the Dilettantes.